Is Grooming of your Pet also Important?


It is not only to maintain hygienic environment at home but also pet’s physical health as well as their appearance. Pets are not aware about cleanliness to keep self-healthy. As pets can pick up on anything or walk on anything during their outdoor endeavors.  In that case we have to take a decision how to keep our pets free from dirt and avoid the diseases arise due to cause of an unhealthy environment.

For this first step to choose better quality grooming products like soap and shampoo, whether you take your pet to a groomer or groom at home. We are going to solve problem by introducing range of Grooming quality products manufacturing in hygienic area with all testing facility.

Is your Dog a family?

Do you want to give a child attention to your pup. If yes, we are here to help you keep your pup happy and healthy. We have a wide range of dog health and care products that will help you provide the best possible care for your pup companion.

Everyone need love, care and attention. Pets who are oldest companion in humanity, deserve a better Care and Health. A best way to show your love is to provide good health environment and food by using high quality Puppy Oye Inc “DUX “ products.