Chicken Chunks Gravy


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We are offering Dog Gravy under Brand Name DUX NUTRI FORMULA-Shredded Chicken Chunks

Chicken chunks Dog Gravy (Original Choice) For All Ages is a complete, balanced diet food

Serve a bowl of gravy to your loving PET

Keep him healthy & happy.

A complete diet for your pet in the Dog Food category.

Dog Gravy offers all goodness of a Puppy’s needs.

Best Gravy for regular use.

DUX NUTRI FORMULA Puppy & Dog Wet Food

It is a healthy treat for your pet.

It contains high-quality essential nutrients & antioxidants for physical benefits

Also, maintain the nutritional value of your PET.

The Source of chicken also contains protein & Calcium.

Ingredients: Modified Tapioca starch, Reformed Meat Chicken (Chicken carcass, tuna red meat)

Tapioca Modified Starch

  • Good ingredient for semi-solid pet gravy
  • Highly digestible source for semi-moist pet foods
  • Provides a specific texture to determine palatability especially for small breeds

Manufacturing: Best Quality Food is processing under standard facilities with defined quality control parameters.

Also using the high-quality ingredients to provide great love & uniqueness of taste.